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Venture capital works for the few.

Huge numbers of SMEs and tech companies go underfunded.

We back businesses in markets that other investors shy away from.

There is so much opportunity in SMEs that goes unrealised because venture capital is a hits business, predicated on bigger and bigger outcomes, ignoring more and more markets.

We exist to bring the best of Venture Capital's approach to growth to a wider set of businesses and markets.

what we do

We buy profitable SMEs + tech businesses in the UK and provide them with growth capital, knowledge and network

our approach

Simple deal terms

Quick execution

Transaction sizes up to £10m

Experienced VCs, PE professionals and Tech Operators on your side

What we invest in

Finance, Insurance,
Business Services,
The Future of Work and Money
Education and HR
Investing in people
Industrial and AgriTech
The modernisation of Primary and Secondary industry
Net-positive equity

Hear from us

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Experienced VC and angel investor. Led over 20 investments into early stage tech businesses with associated non-exec experience in rapidly scaling startups and scaleups.

CIO, CFO and Exec Director for Forward Partners over their 2021 IPO.

Matt Bradley

A network of PE professionals across Europe support Tikto's transactions and help to implement strategies for profitability and later stage growth.

They provide a potential off-ramp too as PE, alongside trade, are naturally interested in our portfolio of companies.

PE Professionals

Tikto has selected a number of Tech Operators, all with successful businesses and exits under their belts, to work closely with our businesses post-investment.

They help to deliver the next stage of growth to our portfolio of companies.

Operating Partners
What do the transactions look like?

We do full buy-out and majority ownership transactions. We also look at minority transactions where there is a clear path to majority ownership.
Much of our investment goes into the purchase of ownership but a significant incremental amount is invested post-transaction which is used for investments in growth, profitability and people.

In some cases we may use debt though this is not essential. If a debt burden could get in the way of our growth objectives it makes no sense to us.

Why choose Tikto as a growth partner?

We work with businesses ready for the next stage in their growth journey: providing finance and support for tech companies that want to endure and prosper and are excited by that vision.

In many cases existing founders, management and shareholders will realise some, or all, of their investment in their business to date.

We're in for the long term. We aim to provide a reliable off-ramp to private equity or trade within a 5-10 year horizon but we have a flexible structure so can and do hold investments in perpetuity.

How do you work with companies post-investment?

We've developed a world-class playbook for growing tech businesses rooted in our experience of operating and investing in tech companies.

We consider the areas of product-market-fit, acquisition and growth, profitability, management-governance-monitoring, and people to identify high-conviction interventions to deliver on our shared growth objectives.


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